Potable & Ultrapure Water

Chlorine Dioxide for Potable & Ultrapure Water

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is approved and recommended by the USEPA as an environmentally friendly drinking water additive to replace chlorine for both the pre-treatment and final disinfection of potable waters.

With minimal contact time, PureOx chlorine dioxide is highly effective against many pathogenic organisms including E coli, algae, bacterial spores, Legionella, etc. It effectively removes hard water components i.e. iron and manganese, it promotes flocculation and aids in the removal of turbidity.

PureOx does not combine with organics to form suspected carcinogens such as Trihalomethanes or halogenic acetic acids. It also provides a lasting residual throughout the distribution system to reduce or eliminate the subsequent growth of bacteria, viruses, and algae.

Ultrapure water is used in a number of specialized processes. Ultra-pure water delivered at the process level must have between 99.9% and 99.99% of typical fresh water impurities removed. In addition to other contaminants, process-piping systems must also be free of bacteria and biofilm. ClO2 helps control algae, planktonic and sessile bacteria; and biofilm in process piping.

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