Nature Works – Glass Media


    Nature Works – Glass Media

    Nature Works® Glass Filter Media is a filter media made from virgin granulated glass, designed to replace the silica sand in any standard filter available on the market and intended for both domestic (swimming pool) and industrial water filtration.

    It is the only water treatment filter media that provides maximum performance; reusability; energy, water and chemical savings; certified purity and total safety during installation. It is an ecological, recycled and recyclable product that reduces the environmental impact of water treatment.

    Thanks to its advancedAnti-Compaction Technology, its smooth edges and its polyhedral morphology, it prevents the appearance of biofilm and chloramines. It does not require flocculants and reduces pressure loss to a minimum. The quality of Nature Works® Glass Filter Media is guaranteed by international product, production, water treatment and traceability certifications.

    Advantages of using Nature Works Glass Media:

    • It lasts a lifetime
    • Accredited absence of biofouling
    • Accredited absence of Free Silica
    • Delayed backwash – water saving & energy saving
    • One third pressure required compared to conventional filters and hence saves on energy. ( 1.5 kg/cm2 is sufficient )
    • Single layer is sufficient
    • High Filtration Quality
    • Negligible loss of pressure

    Nature Works - Glass Media