PureBact – Aerobic Bioculture

PureBact™ is our specially formulated and environmentally preferred multi-application biological solution to tackle challenging wastewater situations in ETPs and STPs. This product is specifically designed with a high concentration of quality bacterial strains to mitigate and prevent wastewater treatment upsets in domestic, municipal, and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Presence of high BOD/COD, ammoniacal nitrogen, and other toxic organics can adversely affect the performance of your plant on a day-to-day basis and even affect the bioremediation capacity of the effluent. This can cause undesirable odour as well.

Favourable formation of biomass (MLSS/MLVSS) is of paramount importance for effective degradation of organics and prevention of excessive sludge formation.

A lot of factors go into making a system run successfully. PureBact™ offers the highest quality microbial/biological solution to ensure your plant performance exceeds your expectations.

Our Offerings

With our wide range of PureBact™ bacteria culture, you can be rest assured that we have a solution to your specific challenges. We have 4 variants of our bacteria culture varying in concentrations and the challenges they solve:

All products contain a blend of scientifically selected, safe, beneficial bacterial strains that are two years stable at ambient conditions along with an added micronutrient boost which help them to quickly start their work at site of application . Our bacterial strains perform well in both aerobic and anaerobic environments as well as maintain consistent extracellular enzyme production for general organic degradation. Enzymes produced include protease, lipase, amylase, and cellulase among others.

Uncompromising Quality, Guaranteed Concentration

We take pride in delivering the highest quality bacteria culture products with guaranteed concentrations. With our 4 variants, you get exactly what you expect. Our promise:

  • Every product we sell meets the concentration we claim.
  • With every purchase, you receive a test certificate guaranteeing the concentration.
  • Your peace of mind is our priority; trust in a product that’s as reliable as you need it to be.

A guaranteed cell count is the cornerstone of product quality when it comes to bacteria cultures. It ensures that every purchase delivers the precise concentration promised, giving you the results you expect. Whether you’re a researcher, a healthcare professional, or an enthusiast, the reliability of a guaranteed cell count is essential. It eliminates guesswork, allowing you to achieve consistent and accurate results every time. When you choose a product with a guaranteed cell count, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and the peace of mind that your work or health is supported by a product you can trust.

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Benefits Of Using PureBact

  • PureBact has a very high CFU concentration per gram of the product, ensuring superior performance
  • PureBact stimulates robust MLSS and MLVSS growth
  • Promotes a healthy environment for bacteria growth and smooth operations
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odours in the ETPs and STPs
  • Significant COD & BOD reduction in the outlet
  • Can be used for the commissioning and maintenance dosing for all types of ETPs and STPs


PureBact is compatible with all types of water treatment technologies prevalent in the industry today. Few of such technologies are:

  • MBR – Membrane Bioreactor
  • MBBR – Moving Bed Bioreactor
  • SBR – Sequential Batch Reactor
  • ASP – Activated Sludge Process
  • EASP – Extended Aeration Sludge Process