Dairy Industry

Chlorine Dioxide for Dairy Industry

PureOx Chlorine Dioxide provides excellent control over microbiological growth (Slime) which is an important factor in the Dairy Industry.

For specific applications of PureOx in Dairy Industry, please refer points below:

  • Removal of slime from water pipes and holding tanks on intermittent basis
  • Continues disinfection of process and drinking water
  • Disinfection of drinking water for animals
  • Cleaning of milking apparatus and milking
  • Calf hutches cleaning
  • Slime-forming bacteria in animal confinement facilities.
  • Odor control in animal confinement facilities
  • Washing of Teat

Note: All dairy industries have different applications of ClO2 based on the processes and equipment.

Kindly connect with us for identifying your specific application.