Resins & Media

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With water being scare and discharge regulations getting tighter, the demand of the industry now is to recycle as much water as possible and strive towards zero liquid discharge (ZLD). With various unique solutions Purolite offers to assist in the overall waste water treatment and recycle approach by enhancing RO Recovery, recovering precious metals and remove contaminants to meet tight discharge regulations.

Purolite is the world leader in speciality resin with applications in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Metal plating, Potable and Groundwater, Power, Oil and Gas, and any more

Purolite is the only company that focuses 100% of its resources on the development and production of resin technology.

For Waste water recycling, Purolite offers various resins, some of which are as mentioned below

  • INA 21107- Resin for BOD/ COD reduction
  • MZ 10 plus- NSF approved media for Iron removal
  • OL 100- Oleophilic resin for oil removal
  • INC 11146- Resin for heavy metal removal (Al, Ni, Cr, Fe, etc) from waste water
  • SSTC 60- Resin for High Hardness and Iron removal
  • A 504P- Colloidal Silica removal resin
  • MPR 1400- Reactive Silica removal resin
  • SSTC 60- Fluoride removal resin
  • MPR1000- Resin for TOC/ SDI Reduction
  • MN 102- Synthetic carbon

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