Oil & Gas

Chlorine Dioxide for Oil & Gas Industry

PureOx Chlorine dioxide powder has been adapted by various industries including oil & gas for its overall effectiveness and ease to use.

Chlorine Dioxide’s high oxidation capacity and low oxidation strength making it the ideal water biocide for a number of hydrocarbon extraction applications,

  • Sulphide Scavenging
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Ethanol production
  • Injection water treatment.

PureOx has negligible environmental impact, as it does not form chlorinated by-products and degrades to salt in most environments.

Ethanol Production

Sanitizing is a vital part in controlling bacterial contamination in ethanol production. Chlorine Dioxide is a versatile biocide that can be used in disinfection applications.

Bacterial contamination is a major concern in the ethanol process. Bacterial contamination leads to significant loss of ethanol yield which leads to corresponding decrease in throughput.

Chlorine Dioxide as an Oil field Biocide.

Chlorine will react with hydrocarbons to form harmful chlorinated organic compounds. Chlorine Dioxide does not chlorinate as it oxidizes. This property is also apparent in the mechanics of the biocide inactivation, Chlorine Dioxide will oxidize the components of the cell wall as well as enzymes and proteins inside the cell resulting in the termination of essential metabolic processes. Chlorine on the other hand relies on protein chlorination.

Chlorine Dioxide as a Sulphide Scavenger

The reaction enables sulfides to be scavenged in either the Oil/Water or the Gas phases utilizing inline injection techniques which require no costly specialized equipment.

The reactions take place very rapidly and since Chlorine Dioxide does not chlorinate hydrocarbons the system background demand is low and no hazardous wastes are produced. The reaction products formed are all water soluble and water wet.

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