PureOx – Chlorine Dioxide generator

PureOx Chlorine Dioxide Generator is a highly reliable and cost effective disinfection technology combining high performance, simplicity of use, low maintenance and unparalleled results in comparison with conventional technologies/chemicals.

PureOx ClO2 generator produces chlorine dioxide in the most safe and efficient manner without any disruptions to operations. The simple design reduces operational difficulties, resulting in lower operating cost and easy operator control.

It finds disinfection applications in almost every industry such as dairy, beverage, pulp and paper, F&B processing, poultry, chemical, power, textile, hotels, hospitals etc.

Advantages Of Chlorine Dioxide Over Conventional Technologies

  • Kills virus, bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, botulism, e.coli and cholera
  • Effective in removing odour and taste caused by high organics, phenols, sulphides, etc
  • No formation of trihalomethanes (THMs)
  • Does not react with bromides to form bromine or bromate ( a known carcinogen)
  • Oxidises iron, manganese and sulfides
  • Does not react with ammonia
  • Enhances clarification process

Our Clo2 Generator Capacities (with Specifications)

*Note – These are our standard configurations, which usually cover all applications in various industries. In case you have a specific requirement in terms of the size of the generator or a varied configuration, we are happy to help you with a tailored solution catering to your needs.

Benefis Of Using Our Clo2 Generator

  • Efficient bio-dispersant
  • Efficient microbial control
  • Approved for drinking water treatment
  • Long shelf life in water
  • Less corrosive
  • Reacts with cyanides, nitrites, sulphides, phenols, Fe 2+

Feature Of Our Clo2 Generator

  • HAZOP study conducted
  • Production technologies : gas and acid based
  • High chlorine dioxide generation efficiency
  • Extremely safe and easy to install and use
  • Auto/manual mode timer based operation Production capacity: Mentioned in specification chart