PureBubble – Nanobubble Generator

What Are Nanobubbles?

Nanobubbles are 100 nanometers in size, 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt. They can be formed using any gas and injected into any liquid. Due to their size, nanobubbles remain in suspended in liquids for long periods of time enabling them to improve physical, chemical, and biological processes.

Nanobubbles are a unique class of science that produce extraordinary improvements in water treatment, F&B and resource recovery. Pure Water’s patented technology – PureBubble – injects trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles into liquid and deliver best-in-class gas-to-liquid transfer.

Generates Negatively Charged Ions

  • Nanobubble/Microbubble O2/O2/CO2 generator can generate 60,000 to 100,000 negative ion per cc compared to natures waterfall which produce 20,000 negative ion per cc (Niagara Falls).
  • When fine-bubble breaks near the water surface, countless mist is released to the air. This mist has negatively charged ions. Negative Ions have multiple benefits.

Significantly Increased Gas Dissolution

  • The miniscule size of these nanobubbles ensure that they do not float all the way up and burst at the surface of the water.
  • The longer these bubbles stay under the surface of the water, the higher the dissolution of the particular gas
  • Oxygen can be dissolved with up to 90% efficiency, as compared to the 3-5% efficiency when using other conventional aeration technologies

Applications In Various Industries

Advantages Of Using The Nanobubble Technology

  • Increased dissolved oxygen (DO) content in water
  • Significantly higher gas dissolution
  • Improved COD/BOD and other contaminant reduction
  • Reduced energy consumption due to their small size and low rise velocity
  • Nanobubble systems/nozzles are compact and require minimal footprint
  • Significant colour/odour reduction