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PureCODe is an absorbent media for the lowering of recalcitrant COD (Fine polishing of tough to treat COD) which subsequently helps in meeting stringent discharge norms in various industries such as textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

This media is also regenerable on-site through our own proprietary regenerant chemical. This means that the media does not need to be disposed of once it is exhausted.

Our media operates on 3 working principles to reduce COD from the water:

  • Absorption (In the media)
  • Water Softening
  • Adsorption (On the media)
  • Redox (Oxidation reduction)

We have carried out various trials on effluents belonging to different industries and have garnered fantastic COD reduction results. Usually the COD reduction ranges between 40-80% depending on the effluent and the industry it comes from.