Cooling Tower Applications


Pure Water offers Chlorine Dioxide in powder form under the brand PureOx.

Chlorine dioxide is accepted worldwide as a broad-spectrum microbiocide effective over a wide pH

Chlorine dioxide does not react with ammonia, nitrogen, and the scale /corrosion inhibitors which are typically present in cooling water systems.

It is extremely effective in systems having a high pH, continuous slime problems, etc….

Microbiological control is one of the most important portions of a cooling tower treatment program.

An inadequate microbiological control program can lead to microbiological fouling, indirect metal
corrosion and also rot the tower wood.

Chlorine dioxide does not react with water and its efficacy is not affected by high pH.

Chlorine dioxide also does not react with ammonia-nitrogen or most organic contaminants and
treatment chemicals present in the cooling water.

Consequently, the dosage required for microbial control remains constant over a wide range of cooling water conditions.

Some other advantages of PureOx Chlorine Dioxide

  • Extremely effective at lower dose rates in contaminated systems compared to alternative biocides.
  • Does not react with yellow metal corrosion inhibitors.
  • Extremely effective for biofilm and algae control.

Kindly connect with us for identifying your specific application.