Wastewater treatment

Chlorine Dioxide for Waste Water

PureOx Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful disinfectant in industrial wastewater application.

It is environmentally friendly and used as an oxidant for various water and wastewater applications.

With environmental regulation getting tighter day by day, industries have now started looking for alternative options for chlorination.

  • It is widely used as disinfectant as it controls bacteria like E-Coli and other coliforms. It helps to control the growth of biofilms & algae which act as breeding grounds for microorganisms that contaminate the water and result in effluent fouling problems.
  • It can also help reduce the BOD in water without generating any chlorinated hydrocarbons like THM and HAA.
  • It does not react with ammonia
  • It oxidises pollutants in industrial wastewater like cyanide, phenols, sulphides,iron and manganese
  • It operates at wide pH range and oxidises odour causing compounds

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