Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, SUEZ RO Membrane and Their Use in Wastewater Treatment

Reverse osmosis is a process for desalting water using membranes that are permeable to water but essentially impermeable to salt. Pressurized water containing dissolved salts contacts the feed side of the membrane; water depleted of salt is withdrawn as a low pressure permeate(Low TDS) and the concentrated brine is taken out as reject(High TDS).

SUEZ’s RO Element products include brackish water RO Membranes(AG Series), low energy RO Membranes(AK Series), ultra-low energy RO Membranes(AP Series), low fouling RO Membranes (AG-LF Series), fouling resistant RO Membranes(AG- FR Series) and seawater RO Membranes (AE Series) both in 4 inch RO membranes as well as 8 inch RO membranes.

SUEZ RO membranes are utilized in various industries in their effluent treatment plants rendering salt removal purpose with varying salt concentration.

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