Approved by the EPA for water disinfection applications and also by the FDA for food processing, Chlorine Dioxide is the perfect solution to eradicate a ton of sanitization and efficiency challenges faced by companies.


In spite of having to maintain very high standards of cleanliness in manufacturing facilities to meet product quality norms, food processing units tend to be overwhelmed with challenges such as odour, insect infestation and biofilm problems which tend to reduce the efficiency of the process significantly.


Chlorine dioxide is already growing in popularity as an effective tool to control microbiological growth in various industries such as dairy, beverages, fruits & vegetables, and poultry, among others.



  • Washing Food – Chlorine dioxide is a potent solution to clean vegetables, fruits, seafoods, meat and other food condiments. Its ability to kill bacteria, fungi, microbes, pathogens, etc. helps to preserve these products and increase their shelf-life considerably. According to the FDA, ClO2 is as powerful as peracetic acid and more economical, yet it has minimal effect on the environment compared to other organic elements like chlorine or bromine.


  • Meat Processing – Freshly slaughtered livestock are generally contaminated with microbes, pathogens and other bacteria which are usually present on the surface of the animals as well as their organs. Surface cleaning with ClO2 solution helps in reducing/eliminating the total microbial count.


  • Eradicate Biofilm – Biofilms are a huge hindrance to efficiency in almost any manufacturing/processing facility. Chlorine dioxide not only disperses and inhibits the formation of biofilm but also proves helpful in small cooling towers of food processing facilities where food product contamination can result in the formation of heavy films and algal slimes.


  • Odour Control – Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent. In food processing facilities, there is a plethora of waste such as fruit and vegetable peels, washing water and rejects that can cause a strong stench. ClO2 eliminates these odors via a process called oxidation.


  • Equipment Cleaning – Chlorine dioxide is non-corrosive in nature. Thus it can be used for equipment cleaning in between batches. This helps in ensuring that the quality of the end product is not compromised.


The unique properties of chlorine dioxide enable it to be extremely effective without causing any harmful effects and make it the perfect choice for various applications in the food processing industry.


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