PureOx chlorine dioxide for Poultry disinfection

Water is a very essential part of all agricultural processes. The impact of quality of water on the end product cannot be overstated enough. In the livestock industry, a well maintained drinking water system is extremely beneficial to avoid any infections and diseases and subsequently maintain the health and safety of the animals.

Chlorine Dioxide is one chemical which has recently been making waves in the poultry farming industry. Chlorine dioxide helps poultry farms to manage and maintain high quality drinking water by eradicating most of the harmful microorganisms.


But before we get into the HOW’S and WHY’s of choosing chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants, it is important to ascertain the effects of ClO2 on pigs, chickens and other poultry:

  1. A proper water disinfection system not only enhances the health of poultry, but can also help to reduce the expenses of antibiotics and other medicines.
  2. Chlorine dioxide treated water can help poultry farm owner to eradicate slime, viruses, and bacteria in the water which can usually cause diseases and infections in the farms.
  3. The death rate among poultry can be mitigated drastically through treating water with chlorine dioxide and using chlorine dioxide as a hard surface disinfectant or sanitizer to eradicate microorganisms.
  4. The poultry will drink more water due to no water odour problems. This ensures the health and safety of the animals.


Now that we have established that Chlorine dioxide is completely safe for poultry to consume, why should it be considered above other disinfectants such as chlorine and sodium hypochlorite:

  1. Less contact-time – Chlorine dioxide kills the bacteria and sanitizes the water quickly and effectively.
  2. Lower operational costs – Chlorine dioxide needs very small ppm doses to disinfect the water as compared to other disinfectants. This ensures that the quantity consumed is lower and thus operating costs go down.
  3. Broad pH range – Chlorine dioxide is effective over a very broad pH range. It can easily kill bacteria in water ranging between 4-10 pH.
  4. Effective against Legionella – Chlorine dioxide is a very effective disinfectant for legionella control and eradicated/prevents microbial biofilms in which they tend to breed and increase.
  5. EPA approved – Chlorine dioxide is Environmental Protection Agency approved for its disinfection applications in poultry farms.


Farms which implement effective water treatment regimes will save significantly more money than they cost, and increase their sales due to drastic improvement in the end product quality.

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