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Supercharged ion exchange resins are a type of resin used in water treatment systems. They are designed to remove ions, such as salts and minerals, from water and replace them with hydrogen or hydroxide ions.

The term “supercharged” refers to the use of a specific ion exchange technology that enables the resin to have a higher ion exchange capacity and faster kinetics, compared to traditional ion exchange resins. This results in more efficient and effective removal of impurities from water.

Some benefits of using supercharged ion exchange resin in water treatment systems are:

  1. Improved efficiency: The faster ion exchange kinetics of supercharged resins means that impurities are removed from water more quickly.
  2. Higher capacity: The higher ion exchange capacity of supercharged resins means that they can treat more water before needing to be replaced.
  3. Lower operating costs: The improved efficiency and higher capacity of supercharged resins can lead to lower operating costs for water treatment systems.
  4. Enhanced water quality: The removal of impurities from water leads to improved water quality and can help to meet regulatory requirements for water purity.
  5. Longer resin life: The improved performance of supercharged resins can lead to longer resin life, reducing the need for frequent resin replacement.
  6. Non regenerable in nature: These resin are not regenerable in nature. This means that there is no requirement for equipment and chemicals for the process.


Supercharged ion exchange resins are used in a variety of industries, including – Water treatment, F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Electronics, etc. Few of these industries have stringent water parameters that they need to abide by.

For example, the electronics pharmaceuticals industry have huge consumption of extremely high quality water in terms of purity, decolourisation, deodorisation and clarity, since they manufacture high value products such as semiconductors and active pharmaceutical ingredients respectively.

These are just a few examples, and the use of supercharged ion exchange resins may vary depending on the specific requirements of the industry and application.


Purolite MB400 Supercharged Resin

Our supercharged resin, Purolite MB400 is designed for use in water treatment systems, and its supercharged technology offers improved efficiency and performance compared to traditional ion exchange resins.

Few benefits of using Purolite’s MB400 resin are – enhanced performance in terms of efficiency, higher capacity leading to longer resin life and lower operating costs, significantly improved water quality and consistently dependable results.

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