Historically speaking, India and its various industries used to heavily rely on surface water supply from sources like rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. – to meet a huge majority of its water requirements. The supply of surface water has always been in abundance and India made use of this.


However over the past few decades, the country has realised the merits of using groundwater instead of surface water. The primary reason for this shift in preference is the fact that groundwater is perceived to be a safer source of water.


But when a densely populated and industrialised country like India starts using a natural resource in abundance, there are definitely going to be some repercussions. Today, India withdraws about 273 cubic kilometers (km3) of groundwater per annum, which is more than the combined annual groundwater usage by the US and China (TOI).


Another major concern to factor into this conversation is the deteriorating quality of groundwater. Groundwater contamination can happen from both, Industrial as well as natural phenomenon’s. Various states in the country have been reporting alarming deterioration of groundwater quality over the past few years.


Fluoride contamination in groundwater has been reported from 20 states while arsenic contamination has been reported across seven states. Besides these two major contaminants, high salinity, nitrates and iron have also been reported from various parts of the country.


Planning and management for securing our groundwater sources is the need of the hour. Securing groundwater equals safeguarding India’s water future.


Several technologies/chemicals are available at our disposal to tackle high heavy metal and contaminant problems in surface water, but none as effective and convenient as ion exchange technology. Unlike the chemicals used for precipitation of heavy metals from water, Ion Exchange resins are generally government approved for various applications such as drinking, industrial applications, etc.


While it is important to undertake measures for augmenting groundwater availability for use and increasing water use efficiency, the aspect of improving groundwater governance go hand in hand to support effective conservation and management of this important resource.


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