Centralized & Decentralized STP – the right mix


India’s water crisis is a constant. Although India has 16 per cent of the world’s population, the country possesses only four per cent of the world’s freshwater resources. India is water-stressed due to changing weather patterns and repeated droughts.

As many as 256 of 700 districts in India have reported ‘critical’ or ‘over-exploited’ groundwater levels.

Amidst these serious concerns pertaining to India’s water sustainability, one city has taken drastic measures to ensure that they don’t follow suite to the others.

Hyderabad is close to achieving the target of 100 per cent sewage treatment. A total of 31 decentralised Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) are being constructed at a brisk pace which will make the city sewage free with full sewage treatment capacity.

Hyderabad is already positioned ahead of 8 major Indian cities based on how much sewage is currently being recycled, standing at an impressive 40%. It is now getting ready with 31 new STPs in a bid to become the first city in India to treat 100 per cent of its sewage.

Such large and centralised STP’s are required in India and Hyderabad city is moving in the right direction.

Having said that, it is imperative that large cooperative societies, companies and commercial institutions continue their push for decantrialised STPs.This is extremely important for various reasons:

  1. The treated sewage water can be reused for non-potable uses such as gardening, flushing, cooling tower makeup etc…. This saves huge quantities of water
  2. This in turn will reduce the overall exploitation of scarce ground water
  3. Large no of such decentralised STP’s will reduce the overall load on the large STP’s
  4. Use of treated Sewage Water along with proper Rain Water harvesting can together go a long way in reducing the overall water requirements of the cities.


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